Slow and Easy…but will take any help offered!

I’m going to take it slow learning how to use WordPress.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t read the directions on anything and bolts full force into taking on a task without knowing how to do it.  I’m stumped with one thing in particular on WordPress.  When reading another’s WordPress blog, and I click on “Follow”, their blog isn’t showing up on my blogroll, I’m only subscribed to an email notification.  I am actually entering each blog into my “links” to add to the blogroll.  Any help out there; and no, I haven’t read the directions yet or watched the “How to” video, I just thought if I clicked on “Follow” their blog would automatically end up on my blogroll.  Is it me, or does that make sense?




Starting over….

Starting over; major problems with Blogspot… Hope to find all my followers and followings soon!  To find the time amid the Christmas season should be a challenge!


December 2010